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YinCAD Intelligent CAD System

YinCAD is the apparel CAD arm of Yin Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China.

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Main Competitive Advantages
Applicable to clothing, automobile, aerospace, bags, shoes, hats, furniture and other industries

Completely solve sampling design, grading and detection, cutting plan and complete intelligent discharging system
Photo Digitizer - Digital imaging system automatically and accurately catches outlines of patterns in several seconds through high-resolution CCD camera / Scanner, and measures outline length, adjusts inner element or curve shape, and saves as raw data format of main CAD or standard DXF/AAMA format compatible with other software.

Data Conversion Module - Standard configuration of YinCAD software includes a converter for other main CAD raw data formats. It can directly input and output raw data of all world-famous CAD brands, and input and output AAMA/DXF data and other standard CAD system formats.

Pattern Designer – YinCAD Pattern Designer is compete solution for all pattern design related applications.

Spread and Cut Planner – This is the link between the design and cutting rooms. In YinCAD cutting plan program, operators can set the quantity, size and cloth of each type and cutting plans according to customer order, and cutting plan program automatically distributes the size of marker in several seconds to generate efficient cutting plan.

Auto Marker - Speed is obviously better than manual speed, and discharging time is just 3~5 minutes for 8m discharging picture. Starting discharging expert according to prepared marker list can achieve automatic discharging at night.