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Yin Multifunctional Cutting System

Norton Technology Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. supplies a complete series of hi-precision multifunctional CNC cutting machines manufactured by Yin Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China, one of the leading global apparel CAD CAM machinery supplier.

Product Advantages
Optional 0-7 gear adsorption system meets different cutting demands and saves energy
Fully-closed vacuum chamber (Tub vacuum) ensures constant absorption force
Special bristle block has good knife avoidance and long life
Automatic sharpening intervals according to different conditions prolong lifetime of cutting knife
Patented double wheel disrotatory knife grinder made of diamond ensures good sharpening effect and long service life
Unique control technology, automatic control straight line and arc cutting speed ensure cutting precision
Support for zero distance cutting greatly saves fabric
Fault self diagnosis function
Software control to manage fabric fusing
Cutter locking function
Technical specification
Technical Specification HY - H1705/H1707 HY - H2005/H2007J/H2005JL HY - H2007/H2007J/H2007JL H2011
Effective cutting bed (WXL) mm2 1700 x 2000 2000 x 2000/1900 x 1850/1900 x 3150 2000 x 2000/1900 x 1850/1900 x 3150 1900 x 1850
Maximum cutting height (after vacuum adsorption) 50mm / 70mm 50mm 70mm 110mm
Maximum mechanical speed 60m/min
Power supply 3 phase AC380V / 50Hz / 30Kw
Air source (Dry and clean compressed air) 0.55Mpa 160L/min
Connection mode of CAD and CAM Network connection/U disk/bar code reading
Fabric cutting mode Tool vertical reciprocating type
Sharpening System Double wheel disrotatory type
Machine Weight 2000kg 2200kg / 2250kg/ 3600kg 2200kg / 2250kg/ 3600kg 2500kg