Solutions - Lace Cutting Solutions

Alpha Digital Lace Cutter

Norton Technology Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. supplies a complete series of lace cutting solutions with Alpha Systems Limited, Hong Kong.

Automatic Eye - Captures the designs of fabric lace materials and cuts the respective shapes at the exact assigned locations automatically.

Automatic Roll Feeding - When a window is finished processing, the machine automatically unwinds the fabric lace roll and sends to the cutting bed for continuous process. This process is monitored by 3 sensors.

Conveyer Bed - After cutting one window, the cut fabric is transported by conveyor bed to the pickup zone where the user can pick up the cut pieces.

CO2 Sealed Laser - RF Metal tubes from well-known brand SYNRAD, USA. No maintenance required. Air assist cutting to give the best result and to protect optics. Also, DC glass tube available as option for low budget.

Control Algorithm - The acceleration / deceleration control algorithm allows for rapid and smooth operations without affecting cutting quality. Gives sharp corners even at high speed.

Optical Path - Optical path is easy to align in case of change of any optics and provides stable and reliable laser beam quality.

User friendly control - Digital Numerical control system provides simplicity of operation, with complete user-friendly functions.

Maintenance friendly - Special design of side covers for working bed makes it easy to access the sides of machine without having to remove many screws.

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