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Shanghai Euratex System Technologies Inc. is a provider of automatic Unit Product Systems (UPS) supplier for the apparel industry.

Working Layout
System benefits
Euratex UPS Increase production efficiency 15-30%
Easy and efficient staff assignments with minimum human resources
+ Reduce handling, reduce bundling, folding, counting
+ Reduce motion waste, reduce finding, checking cutting pieces
+ Realize auto balance production line, prevent bottle neck
+ Fasten production cycle, reduce waiting
Real time management, reduce overstocking
Increase management level through real time WIP management
Reduce products shrinkage, insure production quantity
Create a clean and tidy work environment
Good enterprise image
High energy saving
Euratex UPS Increase production efficiency 15-30%
Euratex UPS software Features
Wage Report
Employee Information
Production Report
Production and process summary
The models map
The models process
QC process controlling
Report of Production Efficiency
Potential Production
Report of Employee Daily Quantities
Hourly Quantities